Jeff and Cynthia Germantown

A referral from a neighbor, members of the bowling team I was invited to join and now, I would like to think friends. Jeff and Cynthia are always on the move and have a home that seems to always need some repair. It was not an easy decision for them to spend the dollars it takes to remodel their master bathroom. They had some creative ideas and in the end, they must have been happy with the cost and the project. They invited me back to take care of the full bath that adjoins the master. Thanks guys.

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Bob and Lee Mequon

This second floor master bathroom needed major updating. The homeowners new what they were trying to achieve, they just needed some help in getting there. We spent many hours designing and emailing plans before we came up with a layout that would fulfill all of the client’s needs. At that time, we were able finalize plans for permitting and make appointments for materials selections. Keeping the dust down and the home clean on a daily basis was crucial. We always use Carpet tack, drop cloths and construction mats for floor protection and use plastic sheeting with a “Zip-Wall system to enclose those areas that need to be accessed on a daily basis. After a full demolition, opening the floor for plumbing, re-working walls and installing all the custom components including cabinets, granite countertops, full tile shower and more, we were able to keep the master bedroom and the pathway to the front door clean and unobstructed on a daily basis.

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Dan and Sally

This was a master bath remodel for a wonderful couple in Muskego. It included replacing the existing tub with a beautiful whirlpool, Granite countertops (sills and ledges), new fixtures and a full custom shower and tub deck. With the owners input and a lot of effort from everyone involved, the homeowners have told me they were very happy with the end result. (And I do believe I have another reference!)

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Abe and Enid Mequon

After building Abe and Enid an addition a couple of years before, they invited me back to design there master bathroom. This was a complete bathroom remodel. From removing all fixtures, cabinets, drywall and plumbing to installing new vanity, fixtures, full custom shower and lighting package. I believe this bathroom will serve them well for many years to come.

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Bob and Lois Germantown


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Gus and Paula Wales


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Harold and Karen

This bathroom remodel presented a fairly typical challenge in that it was the only bathroom in the home. During construction, we needed to keep a working shower and toilet. This is not a problem when you have a detailed plan, a well thought out schedule and a team of contractors who take a much pride in their work on your home as they would on their own. This was a complete demolition job. We installed a whirlpool tub, dual vanity and custom shower.

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Marge and Gene

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