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What makes us “Unique” in Wisconsin Remodeling?

There are many facets to a remodeling company that impact the overall customer experience as well as the outcome of the final product.  The following is a list of qualities that separate us from our competitors and provides insight as to how Unique Remodeling creates a superior remodeling experience.

Your Unique Remodeling Experience:

Computer Aided Design (CAD) – Our “unique” qualities begin with the use of advanced technology. We utilize three dimensional design tools that give our clients the advantage of being able to visualize in 3D, the completed project before we pound the first nail. In addition, we offer our clients the convenience of “GO-TO-MEETINGS”. Meaning that with Internet access (whether at home or office), things like designs, plan revisions and materials selections can be quickly handled. This method promotes accuracy, improved communication and increases the ultimate satisfaction of our clients.

Accuracy in Design – We believe that it is just as important to have an accurate drawing of the existing structure including all relevant components such as existing plumbing, electrical and HVAC. Typically, an investigation of concealed conditions will be necessary before beginning the drawing process.  Without this information as a baseline frame of reference, the likelihood of mistakes increases substantially and can lead to a greater number of change orders, delayed work schedules, additional costs and an unhappy outcome..

Project Preparation and Management – The secret to a smooth running project is preparing a solid plan of implementation. The use of CAD and scheduling software affords everyone involved a clear picture of not only what the project will look like, but a better understanding of job materials, work schedules and mutual expectations. This results in greater efficiencies, better project management and possible savings for you.

Our Craftsmen – I’m often asked by potential customers, “Do you have your own employees?” or “Do you use subs?”. There are a couple schools of thought here: some builders have a philosophy of hiring employees to be “Jacks of all trades”. This leads to an individual working multiple trades, but never really mastering any one.

In my over 25 years in construction, I have found more success in creating long lasting relationships with independent contractors who have many years of experience and are experts in their respective fields. In that time I have been fortunate in finding a group people who are passionate about their work and who are at the top of their fields. I have developed an excellent working relationship with these tradesmen and use them exclusively for my projects. “There is no substitute for experience.”

Our Communication – Clear and consistent communication is the key to a smooth running project. To aid in this, I visit jobsites regularly and I can always be reached by phone/email.

Honesty, Integrity and Respect – In the world of home remodeling, it is essential that there exists a relationship based upon honesty, integrity and respect. Unique Remodeling recognizes that our clients are inviting us into their homes with the expectation that we will conduct ourselves in a professional manner. We treat every project as if it were one of our own and conduct ourselves in a manner that reflects how we would want to be treated as well as the quality we would expect.

About Unique Remodeling

My name is Mike Ellis. I entered the construction industry in 1987. I spent the next 25 years learning from master craftsmen and studying the different facets of construction. I worked on projects ranging from custom designed homes to complete home remodels. It was from this experience on these projects that I began to develop my passion for construction.

In 2002 I founded Unique Remodeling with a vision of providing exceptional remodeling services to clients by employing clear, accurate and consistent communication practices. These practices when combined with my years of construction experience and by embracing technology have allowed me to easily establish myself as an innovative leader in the home remodeling industry. The referral base I have developed through extremely satisfied customers is a testament to the success of Unique Remodeling.

As President of Unique Remodeling, I am an active member of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI), I attend numerous professional construction seminars and I annually complete multiple hours of continuing education.

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