The Process

My “Unique” Design Process

Every remodeling project begins with an analysis of the client’s home.

  • Phase One: Project Analysis
    • Client Profile — Identify the interests and lifestyles.
    • Site Analysis — Identify features and issues that will need to be addressed within the design process.
    • Design Analysis — Identify design components involving the home and the client.
  • Phase Two: Site Inventory and Measurement
    • Locate existing site features such as doors, walls, windows and mechanicals.
    • Assemble information and create a working “as built” plan.
  • Phase Three: Conceptual Design
    • Identifying design style, spaces, circulation routes and site amenities.
    • Assemble information and create a conceptual plan.
  • Phase Four: Meetings and Revisions
    • Present drawings and proposal.
    • Receive client feedback and desired revisions.
  • Phase Five: Final Design and Contract
    • Present revised drawings and contract.
    • Receive down payment and provide client with one working blueprint.

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