Ryan and Marya

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David and Jade

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David and Valerie New Berlin

David and Valerie were great to work with. It was a large basement with a bedroom, bathroom, kitchenette, workout area, craft area and living area. Work schedules being as they are these days, I tried very hard to keep them up to date on the scheduling so they would know who would be there as the work progressed. They were very helpful in taking the time necessary to make their selections as well as letting me know any questions or concerns so they could be immediately addressed. Recently they contacted me to let me know I had left a Lockbox their and to express their satisfaction with the basement. They said they loved their new space and were using it all the time. These unsolicited comments are a large part of my staying in this business. Very rewarding for me.

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Ed and Karen Richfield

When I first met Ed, I drew up what I thought were some good ideas. When I presented them, Ed had his own ideas. We needed to incorporate some of the existing mechanicals into the Bar layout, but after some more collaboration, I think we came up with a great use of the space. Ed and his wonderful wife Karen picked out some great looking materials selections and in the end, I believe were very happy with the finished project. This basement has a small workout area, tv area, as well as a bar and craft area for the grandkids. They also upgraded to an engineered wood floor for the bar and game area where a pool table will be going. I really like the new engineered woods and I think they made the right choice in making the flooring upgrade.

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Kevin and Rachel

Kevin and Rachel built a new house and wanted to finish off the basement. They found me on a referral service, so we were bidding against multiple other contractors. We worked hard and won the job. In the end, I know they were happy. I just went back to do some drywall repair on an unrelated project. And they thanked me for the drywall work as well as commenting on how much they enjoyed the basement remodel. They offered to be a referral and or perhaps have a potential client walkthrough to see the quality of the installations and materials. I just might take them up on the offer someday. Thanks to the both of them for a great partnership and a great final outcome.

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Jerry and Cheri

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Bob and Betsy

This basement proposed some very interesting challenges. Bob and Betsy had a pretty long list of things they wanted to achieve with this remodel. Among the items they wanted in there basement remodel were a nice bar area for gatherings, a TV/entertainment area for the kids, a workout area, a 3/4 Bath and an area for their mother to work on her crafts and sewing. It started by us designing and building a storage area with shelving to accommodate a very full house of people. We built shelving units and laid it out in such a way that it allowed for easy access without intruding in the main basement areas. After they saw how much they could store in this area they were much more comfortable moving forward. With the aid of our designs and the wonderful selections that the client made, this basement really turned out to be a show piece. We are very fortunate to have clients who are as kind and wonderful to work with as these.

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Bob and Lois

Bob and Lois were awsome customers to work with. They new there new space was going to be a focal point for there gatherings. When we met them, they had some great ideas of what they wanted to do and what features where important to them.Through 2D and 3D cad design, we were able to help them explore the possibilities and the costs involved with each component and to come up with a plan that matched there vision. In the end, I believe we achieved it. We have been invited back on numerous occasions to attend Packer parties and other functions. We added a full kitchenette, ¾ Bath and some interesting design features. In this particular basement, we need to be pretty creative with moving the ductwork and installing the zone system, but it is now a fun and comfortable space for guests.

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Dave and Lee Anne

Here is a project very near the finish. The customer decided to do some additional work that changed the schedule a little. They want to do tile backsplash on the back wall of the bar and the riser on the front of the bar, so we decided to hold off on the carpet until we can get this done. From start to finish this project has morphed. We have added a hot recirculating line for hot water to the bonus room and the kids bathroom, added an exterior gas line for grilling, relocated the sump discharge and installed a Storm Pro 22 system which includes 2 alternating pumps, an AC/DC converter, alternator and a maintenance free deep cycle marine battery, added lights to the coffered ceiling and much much more. Dave and Lee Ann had some very good ideas of what they wanted and we were happy to help them bring those ideas to life. They made great selections and were very active in the process all the way through. Check back for more pictures of the finish after carpet and backsplash….. I can’t wait to see the lighted ceiling at night, it’s going to look great!

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Don and Kim

This basement remodel was completed in the summer of 2009. Originally they wanted to have a living area, an office area and a bathroom. Unfortunately, they had some major foundation problems and it would not have been the prudent thing to invest the money at this time. So, again we found a logical break where we could build the majority of the project and complete the rest at a later date with as little dirt and dust as possible. Kim and Don are very happy with their new space and can’t wait to finish the rest in the coming year.

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Doug Pewaukee

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Jeff and Sue

I almost want to start singing the Brady bunch theme with this one. Here is a wonderful couple that found each other (a little later in life) sharing a 3 bedroom home with a combined 5 boys. They needed to do something and they found the right contractor. We measured and laid out a number of various layouts until we came up with the final solution they both agreed would work for them. We ended up designing and building a 2 Bedroom, 2 Egress Window and a 3/4 Bath remodeling project. We also added a kitchenette including a sink, dishwasher and a microwave, so the kids would be able to entertain and not have to run up and down the stairs. There were many obstacles to overcome, but they always knew we were there for them. Even a couple of years later, they called with some other small jobs which of course it was our pleasure to handle for them.

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Jon and Cindy - Mequon

Just when we thought we were ready to start the project, the economy went on the fritz! We started working with this client in 2008. We were very close to going to get the permit and starting the job when we noticed the client was very nervous about what the future might bring. We know as well as anyone what that feels like. Instead of cutting corners, like lowering quality of materials and reducing the scope of the project, just to arrive at a budget number that would be more comfortable, we decided it would be better to wait and complete the project as envisioned. We are in the process of working on this project and are very happy that the client will be able to get what they wanted with a little delayed gratification. We don’t want to build a project for a client that might result in a regret. We would much rather wait and do a great project that will be enjoyed for many years to come. We can wait, were not going anywhere.

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Jon and Robin - Menomonee Falls

Another basement remodel which required some creative thinking. With the lower ceiling joists and the municipalities’ codes, we definitely needed to be creative with the space in this project. We were able to accommodate many of the wishes of our customer and still keep the budget where it needed to be. We added a 3/4 Bath, Wine Bar and a Workout Area and a fireplace. Most of the doors needed to be concentrically reduced to accommodate for lowered headers, but when all was said and done, it turned out beautiful and the clients love it.

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Marge - Pewaukee

Again, I have been blessed with a wonderful customer. After a couple of meetings and some 3D renderings to show how the finished project could look, Marge wanted to move ahead with her basement remodeling project right away. One of the bigger challenges and the most frighting for most customers is breaking up the concret floor in order to install the rough plumbing. While it is a little loud for a day or so, we have been doing this for so many years now, its become second nature for us. In this project in pewaukee, the sewer line was run above the foundation when it was built either due to some envirnmental restraint or a poorly planned project, but eaither way, we needed to add a secondary lift pump to remove the sewage for her bathroom. I think our client would agree that the process was quick and clean (due to our dust controll process). She was able to create a huge open space with plenty of storage and a cute little ½ Bath. We have talked many times since the end of her project and she always says how much she enjoys her new space. It was indeed a leasure working with her as well.

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Mark and Sarah - Franklin

Mark and Sarah were very nice to work with. After numerous meetings and communications via email, we were able to finalize a layout that achieved many of the things they wanted. Room for future gaming, entertainment area and bathroom. I think it turned out very well.

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Nasir and Batul

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Ned and Jane- Oconomowoc

It was a real pleasure to help Ned and Jane with their project. They, unfortunately were victims of some of the big rainstorms we have had in the recent year. Due to a bad grade in the exterior and a lack of drainage, they had a flood in the basement. Already having the basement demolished and gone through mold remediation, they were looking for someone to work with them to put things back together correctly. They also wanted to have a bedroom in the basement, so they needed an egress window. Fortunately, we were able to take advantage of an existing window and open that up to provide code requirements and more lighting for that room. Having been a plumbing contractor for many years, Ned new what he wanted and with Janes help, we were able to put the basement back together. We added new can lights, cable, refinished and reinstalled millwork on the existing windows, added new doors and trim and carpet. We were also able to get them a deal from our flooring person to update the bathroom floor with tile on that level. I wish them well in all their endeavors and know that they will not hesitate to call me again if they have any questions or are looking for a contractor to work on other projects. I know this, because they told me as much! Thanks Ned and Jane.

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Thomas and Nicole

This basement was a challenge. There was a very tight budget and we need to economize. We did not want to and will not reduce our quality of materials or workmanship to save money, but between the simplicity of the design and some hard work on the client’s part, this job turned out great.

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Umit Menomonee Falls

This gentleman had a definite budget to keep in mind! After designing a plan, adding in his wish list and giving him a proposal for the whole basement remodel, he decided it the cost was getting a little out of his comfort zone for that year, but he wanted to do something. Well, we don’t want to build something for the sake of building something. We also don’t want to cut corners and build you a project that you will likely live with for many years and look back to say “I wish I would have waited” or I wish I would have done that at the time”. We advised him to either wait or look at the possibility of us building the remodeling project in phases. We worked with him over many months to design a plan with a logical break that would satisfy his need for a place to entertain, as well as ability to keep that space clean when the next phase is under construction. When he decides to do the next phase, we will be able to easily create a dust barrier between the newly built area and the proposed construction in order to finish the project in the least invasive and dust free way possible. We look forward to joining the two remodeling project into one project in the near future.

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